Ceramic Shell = razor sharp transfer of detail

Thanks to the ceramic shell casting process there is no limit in terms of texture, form or physical size when it comes to casting a sculpture. Art Casting were the first in the Benelux to introduce the technique in 1995.

The ceramic shell casting process succeeds like no other method of casting in transferring all details razor sharp onto the cast artwork. A fingerprint or a sharp edge will be perfectly intact on the cast piece.

All bonuses for the artist:

  • Since the ceramic mould is porous, we no longer need to provide vents. The texture of the artwork is replicated perfectly.
  • Burrs and unevenness are things of the past.
  • The ceramic mould offers the benefit of an flawless casting skin. By comparison with the traditional plaster method, porosity and other contaminating aspects in the casting skin are kept to an absolute minimum.

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