Koen Van Mechelen Golden Cord, Fondation Linda & Guy Pieters, Saint-Tropez (FR)

This fall, Koen Vanmechelens presents a new series of bronze and marble sculptures at Fondation Linda & Guy Pieters.

There is an essence in all that lives and has lived that connect all to all. This living, dynamic membrane that makes life interconnected and synchronizes us to them, and past to present and future is represented in the installation, Golden Cord. The cord, almost an antenna, gives the ability, often unknown or feared, to communicate with the unknown. This communication connects what we will know with what is unknown so far. It is a golden umbilical cord, call it the Grail, that can take us far from the everyday vicissitudes that prevent our transformation.

The Golden Cord is the remnant of what connected us once to the Yggdrasil, the mythical tree that connects worlds and makes us all family of each other. We all feel it, but only few of us have the ability to see it. The central figure ‘Ovum Hominem’ might show us how.

29 SEPT – 1 DEC, 2019

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Publié le 14 novembre 2019

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