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The price of a work in bronze depends mainly upon the number of hours of work needed to complete the piece. The hours are influenced by the size of the work, the degree of complexity, the volume or the shape, the surface structure and the degree of finishing required as well as the amount of work that the artist wishes to complete themselves.

Are you an Artist? If not, do you own the reproduction rights to cast?

Please send us the following information:
  • Photos (various angles), study or model
  • Dimensions: Height, Length, Width, Diameters of important areas such as legs, waist...
  • Your contact details: email, phone, fax, address, website
Which of the following would you like in your estimate?
  • The creation or the modification of a work of art?
  • Silicone Mold?
  • Creation of wax model?
  • Correction of the wax model?
  • Casting in Bronze, Silver, Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Cast Iron?
  • Assembly of cast pieces?
  • Soldering?
  • Finishing of the metal piece?
  • Special requests such as internal water piping or anchoring?
  • Pedestal (size and material)?
  • Patina or Polish?
  • Transportation and installation (location, accessibility, picture of the site)?
  • All-Risk Insurance?
Prices established based upon photos, studies or models are approximate and without any contractual guarantee from Art Casting unless specifically mentioned in writing from us.

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